As a result of corona, we are facing major economic and social changes. Small and large companies are falling down, workers are losing their jobs, we have to make do with less. A question that is important to discuss with each other especially now that we are in the lock-down is: How do we help young people in this corona period?  

 Young people cannot gain experiences

Young people can no longer learn in the way they used to and miss out on social activities such as chilling out with friends, going to concerts and shopping. It is precisely through the social contacts and activities where they meet many others and do something together, that they develop social skills such as cooperation, good communication, networking and leadership. Gaining practical experience during an internship or a part-time job is also often impossible nowadays. While these experiences lead to the development of competencies such as the ability to analyse, solve problems and learn to think creatively.

Competence development of young people is important for companies

The competencies mentioned are almost all in the top 10 lists of important competencies for this century. Many companies and organizations need employees who are good at this, because of current and future developments. So what consequences will this have for young people and for companies in the future?

Who am I, and what do I want in the future?

When the world around us changes, it also makes us think about ourselves. What is really important to us, what choices do we make, what opportunities do we have to move forward, what do we want to do in the future? For many young people it is difficult to answer these questions, because they have not yet had much (life) experience. At the moment, they can hardly get those experiences, while it is so important. Through the things you experience in life; experiences, events and adventures, you develop yourself and get a picture of who you are and what suits you.

Core Values Game 

I have been thinking about how we can help young people with this during this difficult time. That led me to develop a Core Values Game. In this day and age, when our social lives are practically at a standstill, it is important to be connected. The lives of adults and young people right now consist largely of online work and online school. Therefore, personal contact at home is very important at this very time. Not sitting on a screen for a while, but having conversations with each other to share what moves you and what really matters to you.

Core Values Game is for young and old, ages 12 to 99 and leads to connection, fun and valuable conversations in families, groups of friends, with classmates and with colleagues. For more information, look here.

How do you help young people in this difficult time?

I am curious about how others are helping young people at this time. What are large companies, organizations and entrepreneurs in SMEs doing for young people right now? By sharing ideas and experiences, we can inspire each other.




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