Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

- Henry Ford

Partner organizations

Nexxdott helps young people to discover themselves and their future prospects. To this end, I connect young people and schools with companies and organizations. I build a network of companies and organizations that have similar goals to mine. By working together, complementing and strengthening each other, we form a shell around young people to help them in their development. 

Coöperatie Leren voor Morgen

Coöperatie Leren voor Morgen consists of a large group cooperating organizations that based on shared core values work on innovative solutions for the sustainable development of education.

Sustainable education leads to knowledge and awareness of sustainability, a sense of commitment and sustainable action in a sustainable society. In terms of content, this is about achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Together, the members make examples of sustainability in education visible and connect them with each other, with the idea that good examples will follow and thus create mass.

Jet-Net & TechNet

Jet-Net & TechNet helps hundreds of companies and schools, who have joined the network since 2002, to achieve effective cooperation. Together with partner companies and schools, Jet-Net & TechNet ensures that young people can orient themselves with a realistic and positive image of future professions and, on that basis, make a conscious choice for a technical profile, further education and career.

Jet-Net & TechNet brings students and teachers in contact with the business world, to let them experience how inspiring, challenging and fascinating a job in engineering, technology and ICT is!

Tilburg Cities of Learning

The Global Cities of Learning Platform provides cities with the opportunity to create unique, accessible and inclusive development opportunities for young people.

The Tilburg City of Learning platform is part of the Global Cities of Learning Platform, connects learning opportunities and makes them visible and accessible to young people. Through online Playlists, young people can develop various competencies and earn digital Open Badges and thereby have their development and achievements valued and recognized.

Warp VR

Warp VR is a tech company that enables life-like learning experiences using VR. VR is the most impactful and cost-effective way we can be trained anytime, anywhere. 

Warp Studio analyzes, creates, and distributes real and immersive training scenarios. Learning with VR makes a difference in how we can develop competencies.

Their vision: "Everyone should have access to real-world experiences that enable them to thrive in life, career and beyond".

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