One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings!

- Carl Jung

Guide to inspiration videos

  • For secondary schools and higher education
  • For parents with teenagers
  • For Career Guidance and Orientation counsellors

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About the Guide to Inspiration videos

Between the ages of 12 and 18, young people have to make choices that will determine their future, such as the level of education, the choice of a profile and the associated subject package, and the choice of study and career. This is very difficult when you are still developing, your brain is far from mature and you have so little life experience. Moreover, the world is changing rapidly due to climate change, technology and globalisation. Today's choices are very quickly outdated in tomorrow's world.

On the page "For young people" page there are 68 films that can inspire young people to think about their future prospects.

In the manual for Inspiration videos we give teachers, parents and supervisors tools for how they can guide young people in making choices for their future. We like to share our own experience and explain how you can talk to young people about the films.

The Inspiration videos can be part of LOB trajectories, be used in mentor lessons and project weeks and can be used as an opportunity to discuss the choice of profile, subsequent study options and the profile piece. In combination with Core Values Game , young people are challenged to think about who am I, what can I do and what do I want?

How to choose when you are so young?   

How can young people know what they want to be when they grow up? They can't, because their life has just begun. They are in the middle of the discovery process of who am I, what can I do and what do I want? And that future, for which they have to make choices, is changing rapidly because of all kinds of developments. So where should they start and how should they choose?

Becoming happy

Perhaps you have already told your pupils or your child(ren) to choose something that makes them happy. You usually become happy when you do things that suit you, that you are good at, that give you a lot of energy and that you receive appreciation from others. It would be great if they could do something that would make them happy!

Ikigai, discovering the reason for your existence

In Japan they have a wonderful word for that: "Ikigai". According to the inhabitants of Okinawa, the island with the highest number of centenarians per 100,000 inhabitants in the world, ikigai is the reason why we get up in the morning. So, what do you get up for in the morning, what is your passion? Once you have discovered the reason for your existence, it is possible to live a long, happy and healthy life, like the people of Okinawa. In the model below you can see and read what the important elements of Ikigai are.

Source for the English Ikigai model: Toronto Star Graphics

We want to inspire young people and help them on their way

You discover who you are by having all kinds of experiences and by thinking about them: what do I think about them, how do I feel about them, what can I do with them and what do I want to do with them? Ikigai shows that it is not only important to discover what you are good at and what you love, but also that you do something that the world or society needs and for which you are paid. We would like to help young people find their Ikigai.

Major challenges

We are facing a number of major challenges worldwide, such as climate change, a growing gap between rich and poor, deforestation, pollution, pandemics such as covid, lack of water and food and overcrowding. At the same time, we are seeing a rapid increase in the number of possible solutions, due to high-tech developments and growing awareness, also among young people. This is giving rise to all kinds of initiatives and actions that contribute to solutions for these challenges.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030

At country level too, awareness is growing that we must work together to keep the earth livable. A few years ago, the United Nations set 17 sustainable development goals for the world to work on together. These goals must be achieved by 2030. These goals are inspiring for everyone, because we all benefit from achieving them. They contribute to our happiness.

The Netherlands is also working on these goals. You can find more about this on the website of the SDG Netherlands network. The beauty of it is that everyone can contribute in his or her own way, small or large. Adults can help young people to look for their own opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to society.

We have found 68 Inspiration videos especially for young people on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 of the United Nations. You can find these videos on the page "For young people".

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