FutureLab Game

  • For secondary schools and higher education
  • For deans and mentors
  • For career coordinators

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The Future Lab Game®

FutureLab is designed to inspire young people to think about their future and find answers to the questions Who am I?, What am I capable of? and What do I want? Through FutureLab many young people discover what they want to do later on. It leads to young people being "on" and thinking much more consciously about what they (want to) learn at school and what choices they make.  

Now there is also a Future Lab Game®. By offering FutureLab in game form, lots of young people in secondary education and further education (MBO, HBO and WO) can playfully discover what interests them and what future possibilities they would like to know more about. The Toekomstlabspel® contains 3 team games, in which players inspire each other to think about their own interests, important future questions and sustainable development goals. The game is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , because the future of young people depends on a livable world.

If you would like an overview of all the SDGs with a brief explanation attached, request it here.

The Future Lab Game® is available separately, but together with the Core Values Game® is also part of FutureLab. Schools can organize an FutureLab at school, but can also combine the Future Lab Game® and the Core Values Game® separately and without FutureLab with already existing LOB programs, link it to citizenship lessons and mentoring lessons, or play it during a project week. Watch the introductory film oabout FutureLab.

The Future Lab Game® can be played for ages 12 and up, with teams of up to 4 players. One game contains content for 4 teams (16 players). The game is also suitable for adults.

Note: The Future Lab Game comes with 68 Inspiration videos which are on the "For Young People" page. Scan the QR code on that page. 

A free PDF is also available with a Dutch-language explanation of all 68 Inspiration videos. Request it here

  Game content: 

  • 4 sets of 3 different Team Games
  • 1 Teacher's Guide
  • 4 Instructional Cards: What makes a good Future Question?
  • 60 Photo Cards
  • 4 sets of 17 SDG Cards


  • 4 sets of 2 x 6 Question Cards
  • 4 sets of 2 Key Cards
  • 4 sets with 1 Slot Card
  • 6 Tip Cards
  • 4 dice

"Playing Future Lab Game" workshop with teachers (in training)

In the "Playing the Future Lab Game" workshop, teachers (in training) learn how to use and guide the game by first playing it themselves. This way, you get to know the full potential of the game well before doing it with pupils or students. After playing the game, we will discuss

  • How to use the game in school or training and
  • How to guide the game as a teacher and what is important in the guidance.

I will come to your location for a workshop. A workshop "Playing the Future Lab Game" with teachers takes two and a half hours with a group size of minimum 4 and maximum 12 teachers and costs € 715, excluding VAT, games and travel expenses. Take here contact me for an application.

Playing Future Lab game with pupils/students

If you would like me to come and play the Future Lab Game with your pupils or students once, that is also possible. I prepare the playing session together with the teacher of the class in question. This teacher actively participates as a supervisor of the game. Cost: € 1,690 per class with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 pupils or students. This amount excludes VAT, games and travel expenses. Take here contact me for an application.

FutureLab At Koning Willem I College with Future Lab Game

Nexxdott recently gave a Mini-FutureLab at the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch. The Future Questions that the students formulated as a result of the Inspiration videos in the Mini-FutureLab showed how deeply young people think about social problems and sustainability issues.

Using the Future Lab Game®, students engaged in helping and inspiring each other to think about many aspects of their Future Questions.

I found the game very inspiring

It did make you think about the future

I really like talking about the future like that

I would like to know more about a possible answer to my Future Question

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