Core Values Game

  • For secondary schools and higher education
  • For parents with teenagers
  • For Career Guidance and Orientation counsellors

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The Core Values Game®

Many young people are insecure and in search of themselves. On their way to adulthood, it is essential for them to have different experiences, so that they can find an answer to the questions "Who am I, what am I capable of, and what do I want?".

Most young people do not find it easy to talk about this with adults (parents, teachers and supervisors). Connection at home and at school is an important condition for learning and sharing what moves you and what is important in life.

As a parent of a bunch of teenagers, I noticed that young people at school and at home could be much better guided in this. That's why I developed the Core Values Game®. The Core Values Game® creates connection and fun and leads to deeper conversations. It helps young people to develop themselves, especially in these difficult times with a pandemic, political tensions, war and climate problems.

It brings together young and old, families and friends to share experiences, ideas, values and insights.

The game can be played from 12 years of age, in small groups of 3 players up to larger groups of 20 players with 1 game.


 What does the game give you?

  • Getting to know yourself and each other (better) in what you really find important.
  • Connection in families, in schools, between friends and colleagues.
  • Appreciation for each other.
  • Equality between adults and young people: you learn from each other.
  • The reason for talks on study and future possibilities.
  • Learning to think creatively, solve problems and cooperate.

For Whom? 

  • Families, relatives and friends
  • Secondary schools, e.g. in mentor lessons.
  • Further education (university), e.g. during introduction programs.
  • Teams at work.

The game contains:

  • 60 Core Value Cards
  • 7 Game Variants
  • 5 Tip Cards

Very nice, fascinating way to get to know each other better! We laughed a lot! 

It is also surprising what everyone finds important in a profession and how everyone looks at it differently.

Collaborate to solve a problem really connects! You are also encouraged to think creatively.

Below are a few links for more in-depth information and fun:

  • Explanation of Core Values: all core values in the game explained in alphabetical order.
  • Creative Thinking techniques: 15-part explanation of Creative Thinking and various Creative Thinking techniques.
  • All professions from A to Z: with detailed description, important competences, corresponding training and courses, vacancies, salaries and future prospects.

Core Values Game® Zoom session for high schools 

For high schools that have purchased the Core Values Game® and want to use the game to its full potential, I provide Core Values Game® Zoom sessions. I provide tips on playing the game and answer questions. Topics covered include:

  • How can you use the game at school?
  • How, with whom and in what setting can you play the game?
  • What are the game variations and what can you use them for?
  • How can you guide the game?
  • What links to other school activities are possible?

If you want a session with your whole teaching team, please contact me.

Playing the Core Values Game® with teachers (in training).

For schools or teacher training programs that value their teachers (in training) first get acquainted with the game themselves and with their own core values, before offering it to students, I organize play sessions in which we will play the game together. I will come to your location or we'll play online. Please contact me for the possibilities and a quotation. I'll make a tailor-made program for groups of 10 participants or more.

How did the Core Values Game® come about?

The game was created during the first lockdown in March 2020. Young people could no longer go to school and missed their social contacts tremendously. Everyone was working mostly online all day. The world became a lot smaller and more boring by working at home, there was much less to tell about experiences and family members suddenly lived under the same roof all day. Tensions arose and boredom set in. The need to be away from the screen became ever greater, but what are you going to talk about at the table? That's how the idea of creating the Core Values Game® came about.

I have over 30 years of experience as a trainer and coach in social communication skills, problem solving skills and creative thinking techniques in various organizations, including education. I have also added my knowledge and expertise as a graduate Pedagogue, Creative Therapist (a form of psychotherapy) and my experience as a mother of two growing daughters.

Active board game players have been involved in the development of the Core Values Game®, providing feedback on the game and its rules, ultimately resulting in seven real game variations. It is a Serious Game that leads to valuable discussions, but also a game in which you can win and lose and have a lot of fun together.

The game has been extensively tested by various target groups in different settings: young people, families, adult groups of friends and experienced game players. A special thanks goes to a Dutch Champion board game player, who used his expertise in the development process of the game. Based on all the experiences of playing the game and all the advice, the game has been continuously improved until the current version.

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